Mixer. Engineer. Producer. Musician.

Nich “S!lky” Jones is a recording/mixing engineer, producer, and musician based in New York City. As an assistant engineer at Germano Studios | The Hit Factory and a live audio engineer/technician at venues including The Manhattan Center and The Flatiron Room, he is immersed within the NYC music scene. Surrounded by music since a young age, Nich studied piano and bass trombone while simultaneously learning a variety of additional instruments and production styles in order to diversify his musical skill set and to connect with clients of all genres. While studying Sound Recording Technology at Ithaca College (B.M.), Nich learned from industry leaders Alex Perialas, Clarke Schleicher, and Brian Dozoretz, embracing the nuances of the audio industry and how to integrate his musicianship into his recordings and mixes. 

Some of his recent work includes mastering AGE of the BEAR’s River and Dustin Koykas’ Destinations, as well as engineering/mixing Reuben Reuel’s Inertia, all to be released in the Fall of 2020. Under the alias “S!lky Jones”, he is an artist/musician who writes and produces with others such as Reuben Reuel and Trombroski. Even early in his career, Nich holds many engineering credits including Blake Shelton, Letters from Mom, and Dan MWale, and has had the pleasure of providing sound reinforcement for lovelytheband, Raelynn, Eitan Katz, and many others. Nich Jones Music showcases the variety of expertise Nich offers while demonstrating his dedication to the success of the creative.


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