Nich serves as an audio engineer in the Greater NYC area providing recording and editing services from his studio and at Germano Studios | The Hit Factory.

He has engineered for artists such as Sofia Carson, BOOTS, Bon Jovi, Reuben Reuel, Midian, Petit Biscuit, and Sunny Kartel, and groups such as the Claremont Quartet, subtle cheetah brass quintet and the MSM Trombone Choir.


Bon Jovi "If It Takes All Night" - Vocal Engineer


Daniel Caesar "Get You" (NC Cover)  -  Engineer, Mix & Master

Maxwell Lindsay "When You Tell Me"  -  Engineer, Production, Mix & Master

PARTYNEXTDOOR "Freak In You" (NC Cover)  -  Mix & Master

Pentatonix "Run To You" (Cover) - Engineer, Production, Mix & Master

Petit Biscuit "Pick Your Battles (w/ Diplo)" - Vocal Engineer, Midian Mathers

Reuben Reuel "Slow" - Engineer, Mix & Master

S!lky Jones " Untitled" (Garrett Garneau Demo Reel) - Production, Engineer, Mix & Master


Sofia Carson "Glowing Up" - Engineer

subtle cheetah "Call for Scores 2020" - Engineer, Mix & Master